Recommended Preparations for Your House This Winter Season

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Winters are here. It is one of the most pleasing yet hectic seasons. The winters in Pakistan are dark, long, and intense all thanks to global warming and its impact on our region. Well, it is not just your wardrobe that needs an update your house also demands an equal amount of attention.

Some say that it is quite a tiring task to prep your home up for winters but it is one that is necessary nonetheless. According to some interior decorators, there are some tips that can prepare your home in the smart city in Lahore, the coziest place to spend your winters in.

Thus without further ado, let us discuss some of the best tips that should be common knowledge. Thus brace winters and their long nights heartwarmingly and remember to thank us later.

Seal off Those Doors and Windows

The first and most basic step is this one. Make sure to check out all your doors and windows in case of any gaping holes or their presence. When windows and doors are sealed they give off a house. It’s necessary to have a warm and protected feeling.

These sealings will also keep the hazardous smog and its effects at bay from you and your loved ones.

If you have come across a hole or a gap. Do not panic, make a mixture of white cement and water in equal parts and then put it carefully on the holes. The main purpose of this practice is to make sure that the frame stays in the right place. The frame will not get any bigger and the holes will get covered.

Paint the House

You should absolutely and totally refrain from painting the exterior portion of the house, especially during the winter season. The main reason behind this is that the low temperature makes the paint and it’s covering hard and it takes a longer time to get dry.

Furthermore, the rain can disrupt the schedule so that’s also not ideal.

The thing that we are recommending here for you is that you should get a repaint done the first chance that you get. Cover all the water seepage and its marks. Moreover, you should also need to pay attention if the house caulking needs any change or upgrade.

Keep a keen eye on these types of touch up and then hire the necessary help.

Pipes and Geyser Maintenance

It’s important to protect your pipes and taps from the cold. This is mainly because of the fact that you need hot water for baths and other activities during winters. Having steel pipes in homes for such drainage is not common practice and thus other sorts of hybrid plastic pipes can expand due to the water temperature and pressure. All this pressure buildup leads to leakage and ultimately pipe bursts. None of this is ideal during the winter season scenario.

The second thing that you need to do in the same context is that you have to look at the geysers and their working capability. Check out if there is any gas leakage or whether the burner is faulty or damaged. A faulty geyser can be the reason for fatalities inside the house and can be quite drastic. Thus make sure to be attentive to this matter as it involves you and your family.

Update Your Wardrobe

This one is a must in these winter seasons. You have to transition as well as update your wardrobe because the weather demands it. Linens and velvet are the best choice and fit for this season. First of all, when you are taking out the winter clothes make sure to sun dry them for a day or two. Getting them dry cleaned is also an option but it is a costly one. Placing your clothes in the sun is a rather easy and cost-effective practice to do.

The sun rays will kill any bacteria because it is a natural disinfectant. Cover all the spare places with the help of carpets or warm clothes as they will give an overall comfort or warmth to the place.


Paying attention to your home decor is not only necessary, it is inevitable in the winter season. Thus keep all the above-mentioned tips in your mind and decorate your home accordingly.

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